What’s on my Kindle

I read a lot. I find it helps me get my creative juices flowing. If I have trouble finding words, I’ll read someone else’s until I can find my own.


chriskeniston-brooks-800_3_origRight now I’m reading Brooks (Farraday Country Book 2). This book by Chris Keniston is, as the name implies, the second book in the series. The author took an inventive release approach – she released the first three books in the series on the SAME day.

And then she set the first book – Adam – free.


Of course, I one clicked the first book. And I read it.

And at the end of the first book, she teased the second one. And guess what I did, I one clicked book 2.

The entire series is a play on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, but with an American Western twist. The Farraday family lives in a small town in west Texas where trouble seems to find them, even when they aren’t looking. The men in this series are swoon worthy and make your heart go pitter-pat. Adam is a veterinarian and Brooks is a doctor. There are ranchers and sheriffs and soldiers… all swoon-worth heroes.

But enough about that for now. Because while I’m typing this, Brooks is waiting impatiently for me to return to his story. So that’s what I’m going to do.

But check out Adam – it’s FREE right now, so there’s zero risk. But if you enjoy the romance, the gentlemen heroes who know how to treat their women with a touch of intrigue, I bet you’ll find yourself one-clicking the next book in the series like I did.


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