In search of a better book…

That’s what revising is all about. Writing a better book. Often first drafts are about getting the thoughts out of your head and onto paper, in whatever form they are. Second drafts sometimes change the storyline, mix things up and move them around, and subsequent drafts are about refining the words on the paper until they practically leap off the page.

That’s where I am now.

I just finished a pretty major-ish update to my manuscript. I have some smallish changes to make to make based on input from several different critique partners and then it’s off to the editor.

But that’s not the end. That’s just the beginning of a new phase. I’ll be jumping into plotting for book 2 while book 1 gets made better by my editor.

I’ll have a targeted release date once I get the first draft of Book 2 written – that’s when I’ll have an idea of when it’ll be ready to go – my hope is to publish the books approximately 3 months apart.